Forget about time. Leave the unrelenting buzz of city life at the door. Let us all slow down for just a moment.

Surround yourself with nature. Inhale the fresh air. Let the sun warm your skin just a little bit.

Now: Allow the intricate combination of spices to wash over you. And Hear the laughter and see the smiles around you. Enjoy the embrace; we welcome you home.

In London, every person has a story. Everyone has journeyed to get here. It is part of the universal human narrative, to uproot oneself and enter into new phase of life. Maybe for you, it was making a risky career change. Perhaps, as it was for our head chef, Asma Khan, it was migrating from another place and trying to rebuild her foundation. Whatever your story is, we know that it can be daunting, unsettling and unfamiliar out there.

Darjeeling Express provides an oasis in that barren desert. Walk into our space in the middle of the bustling Carnaby street and immediately feel a homecoming and the regeneration of your soul, tired from the daily toll. As on our namesake long and winding train journey, you need a stopover to rest and recover.  At Darjeeling Express, Let us care for you, so that momentarily you have forgotten about your stresses. Our food is simple, affecting all your senses-- Home cooking from Asma’s ancestral village in India with same spices and flavors that make the people of India so happy. That is what Indian food is all about. 

But the food is just a part of our story. We want to invite you into our family and an experience that is almost Ayurvedic and revitalizing.

So come. Put down some roots, even if just for a little while, and spend some time in a home away from home. Let us impress you with simple food and quite simply, our love.