We know how hard it is to keep your New Year resolutions past January, especially with temptation all around. However, in honour of being more environmentally conscious and promoting healthy living, Darjeeling Express is introducing Meat-Free Mondays, starting February 2018. Please see our Monday menu below and book your table, by phone 020 7287 2828 or by email, info@darjeeling-express.com.

Meat-Free Monday Menu


Aloo Parantha (vegan)
Parantha stuffed with spiced potatoes (2 pieces)

Dal Puri (vegan)
Bengali lentil stuffed puris (4 pieces) 


Bengali Niramish (vegan)
Pumpkin, aubergine, beans, and carrot cooked with panchporan

Mattar Paneer (vegetarian)
Indian cheese, cooked peas in a thick tomato gravy

Kala Channa (vegan)
Black chickpeas cooked with ginger and dried red chilies

Khichidi Classic (vegan)
Comfort rice and dal mix, similar to rice porridge in texture


Kachumbar Salad (vegan)
Cucumber, tomatoes, chillies, red onions and pomegranate with lemon juice

Beetroot Raita (vegetarian)
Spiced yogurt with raw grated British beetroot

Bengali Aloo Dum (vegan)
Spicy potatoes

Papad (vegan)
Served with Bengali tomato chutney