We teamed up with Hub Dot earlier this week to host a room full of aspiring and established entrepreneurs looking to share their personal journeys and forge new connections.

Hub Dot is a female collective who support, connect, and empower people to break out of the old-fashioned networking mould through their unique approach to events.

Diners heard from a range of speakers who were at various stages of their business ventures. They shared honest and practical tips for securing investment, gained honest feedback from a willing audience and learned about the emotional hardships faced by some when struggling to get their ideas noticed.

Over mouth-watering dishes, guests left their egos at the door and exuded positivity and warmth to help themselves and others reach their potential.

Darjeeling Express wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the guidance, support, and backing, we received and continue to receive from other women so here’s to lifting up and supporting other women like me on their entrepreneurial journeys.


Pictured: Hub Dot founder and CEO Simona Barbieri and Owner Asma Khan