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The menu is a homage to my memories of long railway journeys in India with my family in the 70s and 80s. My most memorable journey was in winter when we travelled  for two days and a night and crossed gigantic rivers beds along the way and early in the morning we would cross the mighty Ganges river and go over the banks of the burning ghats of Varanasi. 

I would wake up early with my father to watch the sun rise before the rest of the family and we were served breakfast from the buffet carriage. Every station we stopped at along the way was packed with myriad food stalls and hawkers would jump into the moving train as it left the station and sell samosas and tea calling out “chai garam” (hot tea) as they moved from one compartment to another. When the train pulled into the next stop- the chai seller would jump off and another food hawker selling street food would get on. 

The food on this railway journey was always special- we would travel through unfamiliar territory and you could notice the regional changes as we left Bengal. From Calcutta to Covent Garden- I have designed a menu that reflects my childhood railway journeys of flavours and spices.

- Asma Khan, Founder & Owner

When we open on 18th November 2020, we will be offering an all day Railway Deli Menu available for takeaway in the deli.
There will also be three tasting menus available for pre-booking and sit down dinner only.

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