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Seven course dine-at-home menu available

We are delighted and proud to announce that Darjeeling Express are introducing a seven course dine-at-home experience, available now for nationwide delivery in partnership with BigNight.app.

The seven-course menu, “With love, from me to you” is curated by Asma Khan as a love letter to friends, supporters and food lovers to help them escape from the hollowness of lockdown and experience the warmth of Darjeeling Express, from the comfort of their own dining tables.

Indian food cooked from the heart

The food is a true homage to our founder Asma’s royal Mughlai ancestry and the busy streets of Calcutta, where she grew up. Food here is served the way Indian food is meant to be eaten – platters of dishes boasting texture and flavours which complement each other, encouraging you to gather and share in the style of the traditional ‘daawat’ (feast).


Vir Sanghvi

“ But ultimately, I judge chefs by their food not by their stories. And Asma’s was terrific. We had puchkas, Bihari phulkis (like pakoras), Kosha Mangsho, a Calcutta mutton chaap, kaala channa, chicken samosas, beetroot chops and so much more. None of it was molecular or clever, clever. It was just excellent.”


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