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Calcutta Style Dum Biryani


Coined the hottest ticket in London by Bloomberg- Asma Khan's highly sought after Biryani Supper Club will be hosted at our new Soho restaurant! Some of you may have caught a glimpse of this festive occasion during her Netflix Chefs Table episode. The Biryani will be unveiled in our main dining room in front of guests and served in the traditional "dawaat" style where everyone will be served at the same time. 


The traditional Calcutta style Dum Biryani is Asma's most treasured recipe. This gorgeous dish has been perfected and handed down to her by family

cooks. For generations, the Biryani has been the centrepiece of celebratory meals and family gatherings. "The first time I witnessed the 'unveiling' of the Biryani, it was the night of my sister's wedding. I was absolutely mesmerised-

the floral saffron-infused aromas that rose from the pot as the rice was gently mixed is something I will remember forever."

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