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Covid-19 Guest Information

The health and safety of our staff and our guests are the uppermost importance during the pandemic. In order to be ready for the reopening in our new home, we have prepared ways of working & training based on advice and guidance provided by the government and industry bodies. 


Test & Trace

We are following enhanced return-to-work processes and supporting the NHS Test and Trace procedures. All guests without bookings are required to use the NHS QR code displayed on posters to ‘check in’ before being seated. This is so you can be contacted in the case of a localised outbreak. Contact details given upon booking will also be used in such a way.


Wellness checks

Wellness checks are completed daily for all staff members arriving at work and anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19 will be excluded from the workplace. 

Temperature check might also be in place for guests dining-in as an extra precaution.

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

A thorough risk assessment has been completed and documented to demonstrate that we have considered all COVID-19 hazards within the business and have introduced controls in order to operate safely.


Enhanced cleaning regimes

Enhanced cleaning regimes have been implemented, particularly for hand-contact surfaces using chemicals which are highly effective against viruses. Guest bathrooms will be sanitised routinely, and hand sanitisers are available for all our guests upon entry of bathrooms.


Personal protective equipment ('PPE')

Our staff will be adhering to government guidelines on the necessary levels of PPE, including the use of face coverings while at work.


Face coverings

Guests are asked to wear face coverings while entering, leaving and moving around the restaurant, unless exempt. If you rely on lip reading, clear sound or facial expressions to communicate please inform us when making your booking or inform the host on arrival.


Closing time

We are now required to close at 10pm, as such we have changed the time of our latest available tables. Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions to these new rules


Bookings may be subject to cancellation in the event government guidelines expand restrictions.

Hand washing

Training is provided in an enhanced hand-washing technique. Alcohol gel is available in all front of house and back of house locations, accessible to both staff and guests. Staff will use this gel regularly, including before seeing guests, after issuing or collecting menus, and after clearing tables. 


Rearrangement of working environments 

Where possible, physical distancing has been marked out in our back of house areas (including our kitchens), to accommodate the 2m rule or 1m+. Some of our mitigating actions include working side-to-side and back-to-back, avoiding face-to-face working. 

We also have implemented a one way system for the Deli.


Restaurant layout

We have adjusted our layouts to allow for physical distancing between guests

We will be using the “1- metre-plus” approach where we cannot alter layouts to provide 2m distancing, we have ensured guests will be sitting in a back-to-back layout, thereby minimising risk. 


Guests to santise hands on arrival

On arrival, guests are asked to sanitise their hands before being seated. 


Guests to stay home if symptomatic 

We ask our guests not to visit us if they are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19, however mild


Household / support bubbles

Guests are required to limit bookings to the maximum number of individuals and households currently permitted by government guidelines. 


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